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Why use JRC Cleaning Services

  • Our reach and wash system enables us to get a high level clean on windows frames and sills

  • We offer traditional cleaning 

  • We offer both Internal and external cleaning 

  • Choose a cleaning frequency that suits you: Weekly/Monthly/Bi-monthly/Quarterly/6 monthly/Annually/One off cleans 

  • We are fully insured

  • All our operatives are uniformed and safety trained 

  • We offer a Notification/courtesy call/txt/email so you know when to expect us 

  • We have years of experience in all areas of the services that we provide

  • VAT registered

Residential Cleaning

Our team of experienced window cleaners pride themselves on reliability, efficiency, professionalism, and making that extra bit of effort to respect your garden, property and privacy.

With JRC, you can be sure that there is no chance of people trampling on flowerbeds or disappearing halfway through the job; we hear horror stories all the time about the poor standards in our industry, but it only makes us more determined to prove that we are different. 

Commercial Cleaning

JRC Cleaning Services LTD provide professional window cleaning to a variety of commercial properties, ensuring that your premises and company image looks its absolute best.

Regular window cleaning is of prime importance throughout the UK because of our notoriously unpredictable and constantly changing weather. You don't need us to tell you the importance of having clean windows. They can make a huge difference to both the internal atmosphere and the external aesthetic of a building, and are an essential element in ensuring that buildings appear at their best to customers, partners, and employees. Clients or potential customers may not see that the glass is clean, but they certainly notice if it is dirty. 

  • We use the environmental friendly Pure Water Pole system, meaning there is no need for chemicals.

  • The water does not contains any residue, meaning dirt does not stick to the windows or the plastic.

  • As standard we will always clean the frames and sills aswell as the glass.

  • Our poles can reach over 40 feet meaning there is no risk to your property due to ladder marks

  • We respect your privacy as we work safely from the ground.

  • We can reach nearly all your windows, skylights, conservatory roofs and solar panels.

  • We also clean fascia, soffits and guttering.

  • We specialise in cleaning Solar Panels, which increases their effectiveness saving you money.

What you can expect from us at JRC:

"People wont always notice if you have clean windows, but they certainly will if you have dirty windows"

You can be confident that your windows will be cleaned at the highly satisfactory level that you would expect.

We currently provide services for hotels, care homes, offices, factories, councils, leisure centres, retail outlets, restaurants, public houses and high rise tower blocks. We regularly manage sites that require a team of cleaners and also smaller projects that only require one individual. 

No matter how frequently you need your windows cleaned, we will deliver the highest standard of workmanship every time.

If you require a service not listed here or just need some further information call
07554 566300
email us at: contact us here for a free no obligation quote.

Our range of cleaning services at JRC include:

Window cleaning

Conservatory cleaning

Gutter cleaning

Soffit & Fascia cleaning

Solar panel cleaning

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