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Terms & Conditions

JRC Cleaning Services LTD will be referred to as JRC throughout our Terms and Conditions

  1. By accepting our quotation you agree to be bound by JRC terms and conditions.

  2. Cancelling JRC services must be done in writing and with confirmation from our Head Office that we have received your letter. You will be given a cancellation reference which ensures JRC has received your letter. It is your responsibility to ensure JRC  receives your letter. JRC is not responsible for any communication that is lost in the post or out of their control. You can also send your letter by email to

  3. If operatives of JRC have arrived to clean your property and you no longer require our services then JRC reserves the right to charge 50% of the price payable for your clean to compensate for travelling costs and time wasted.

  4. To clean windows at the rear of your property JRC operatives need to have access, therefore your gate/garage should be unlocked. Please supply us with your phone number so JRC can ring the night before a clean. 75% of price will be charged if our operatives cannot get access to rear property and our operatives will only clean what is obtainable from the front of your property.

  5. JRC operates a 12 monthly service throughout the year. This means JRC may clean your windows during inclement weather. JRC reserves the right to decide if the window cleaning services should be carried out. Rain does not affect the quality of your clean. If you or your representative prevents our operatives from cleaning FCS reserves the right to charge 50% of the normal cost of the clean to compensate for travelling and time wasted.

  6. If you are not satisfied with our service or cleaning results please contact JRC Head Office within 48 hours from date of clean (07516903439/07554566300) and also confirm your complaint in writing to our Head Office or email. An operative will rectify to your satisfaction within 48 hours any poor work results or services. If any complaint is proven to not be as a result of our window cleaning or services provided, JRC reserves the right to charge a call out charge of £10 to cover expenses and time lost. JRC does not accept responsibility for any complaints that are not made within the required 48 hour time period from date of initial clean. It is your responsibility to ensure JRC Head Office receives your letter and that you obtain a reference number from JRC Head Office relating to your complaint.

  7. In accordance with JRC Health & Safety policy we request all small children and pets are kept inside the property whilst our operatives are cleaning your windows. All items of garden furniture/household items/plant pots should be away from the window and allow reasonable access to enable the window to be cleaned. The area should be free from any kind of animal excrement.

  8. JRC operatives will clean all windows, but any windows that are inaccessible or unsafe will not be cleaned.

  9. In the event of any accident JRC will instruct an Insurance Assessor to investigate as to the reason for the accident. Any accident deemed out of JRC control and as a result of fittings or glass already damaged arising from faulty construction, poorly maintained windows or conservatory roofs will not be accepted and the customer will be liable for any repair or out of pocket expenses.

  10. JRC will not accept liability for water damage to the property or the items therein where the windows have been left open prior to a clean or damage to the window or frame causing leakage into the property.

  11. All claims must be made in writing and addressed to JRC Head Office within 48 hours after the liability has arisen. It is your responsibility to ensure JRC Head Office receive your letter and you obtain a reference number from JRC Head Office relating to your complaint/claim

  12. JRC and all operatives are comprehensively insured under our Public & Employers Liability Insurance Policy

  13. Prior to commencing any work a Risk Assessment/Method Statement and H&S Policy will be recorded and produced on request.

  14. Payment for any service provided by JRC must be made within 5 days from date of clean. Payment can be made either by Cash, Cheque, Standing Order or Internet Banking. JRC reserves the right to charge interest on late payments in line with the Standard Interest rate current to the date of clean set out by Barclays Bank. Interest will be calculated on a daily basis until payment is received. If payment exceeds 30 days a late payment charge of £5 will be added to your account to compensate for all types of communication required to collect payment. If after unsuccessful attempts to recover the outstanding amount due and the amount remains unpaid after 45 days from date of clean FCS reserves the right to pass this account over to our legal department and to proceed with court action to recover the debts, legal costs and any added expense incurred with regards to this debt.

  15. JRC collects data from our customers in the form of Name, Address, Telephone Numbers and Email Address. This information is strictly for the use of JRC and to assist in carrying out our services. At no time will your data ever be sold or passed on to 3rd party users. We respect our customers privacy, this information is kept in line with data protection regulations at all time.

  16. Throughout JRC providing any of their services all representative of JRC will remain polite, courteous, reliable and professional at all times. If any representative of JRC fails to adhere to this code of conduct you are to report this immediately to JRC Head Office and also send in a letter detailing what happened. This in turn will be investigated internally and JRC will write to you detailing the outcome of their investigation.

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